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This is the first post to my new little side project, “Project Nailbat”. I’m hoping to have this place up and running in the later day or weeks to come, depending on how long it’ll take for me to actually get used to running this website.

Some things to note: I want this to be a sort of replacement for the former anime club that was unceremoniously dissolved last year by ASU due to a number of reasons, [none of them real bad mind you, I just don’t want to throw anyone under the bus right now]. I want this in the end to be some sort of news feed/personal blog for any former members of the club who would be interested in helping me out with this project so that we can still keep our status as an organization

But I guess until then this will be my personal blog.

-Nail Bat


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  1. Testing out the comment box thingy…let’s see how this looks…

    November 10, 2010 at 05:13

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