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Double Take: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

So I’m watching the old school Street Fighter movie (before anyone asks, it’s NOT…I repeat, NOT the Jean Claude Van Dam movie with Bison Dollars. I’ve spent years trying to force every detail of that movie out of my mind! Anyway, I meant the Street Fighter II Animated movie)…well I have to say, it’s not as good as I used to remember it.

I first saw this movie when I was about eight or nine years old (thinking at first that it was going to be cool like the Fatal Fury movie I had saw a couple of years prior) and while it was entertaining back in the day, I watch it now and I can’t help but feel like that when I bought this DVD I had nostalgia goggles on when I thought that this was a an amazing movie. While watching it then, but now I feel like it’s only a step or two above a sub-par movie at best.

The movie definitely shows its age at times, with things like a old fashioned rotary phone, and cellular phones the size of an entire loaf of bread, but the animation isn’t bad at all, the only problem is that many of the character designs in the Street Fighter series are all about giving men more bulk in their muscles than an entire Sam’s Club warehouse. Each character looks like they should weigh at least 300  lbs, but aside from that the art is pretty good for its time, especially certain fight scenes. But while some of them do look good, certain scenes (like E. Honda vs. Dahlsim or Ken vs. T. Hawk) were pretty bad. However, it is possible that the animators saved all of their best work for the final climatic fight.

The dialogue was…probably passable back in the day, but now I see that it’s pretty cheesy…if not really bad. The times where the movie tries to have one of the characters sound either like a bad ass or clever seem to always fall flat on their face, except for a couple of times where Bison is cutting down his subordinates…that got a chuckle or two out of me.

Overall, I guess it’s a good movie to have for a collection, like say you went on some strange quest to own any and every movie that you loved when you were younger, then you wouldn’t be disappointed once you get your hands on this movie. Thankfully I cannot remember how much I spent to get this movie when it got re-mastered and re-released on DVD, otherwise I’d be questioning whether or not it was worth spending however much I actually spent. But it’s one of those movies where if you found it at a bargain bin for anywhere between $5-$10, it’d be worth the money, otherwise it would’ve been better to just invest in an old school copy of one of the older Street Fighter II video games.



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