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BlazBlue: 360 FINALLY gets Valkenhayn…for $4.00!

Today, after months of delays, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing has finally been released as download content for BlazBlue on the Xbox 360. (This may not concern many people if their preference is playing BlazBlue on the PS3, which already had Valkenhayn available for months now) The reason for the initial delay was due to some problems with patches that cause the game to bug out or crash for the 360, so while PS3 owners have been using him since late September, 360 owners are just now getting a chance to play as him.

Unfortunately though, there are still some problems(?) with the DLC. The achievements that are included with the new character are locked despite another error. However in order to compensate for such a delay, Microsoft set the price for unlocking Valkenhayn online at only $4, as opposed to the initial price that DLC character Makoto Nanaya had back in August at a whopping $7



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