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Dissidia 012 Gets Laguna

I, for one thought as awesome as Dissidia: Final Fantasy was when it came out, it was still lacking in the roster department [then again, I could just be greedy and want to see more FF characters ready to fight each other] but today, Shonen Jump announced that “The Man with the Machine Gun” Laguna Loire is going to have a slot in the roster for the new game!

For those of you who may not now [people who actually never played Final Fantasy VIII] Laguna was the OTHER main character of FFVIII. The game featured flashback to around 20 years in the past where you would play as Laguna as well as his two partners, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac. He was just about the polar opposite of, [and completely overshadowed by] Squall Leonheart, exponentially more cheerful and happy-go-lucky, but when stuff went down, he took no prisoners! It’ll be very interesting to see how they insert him into the Dissidia story, especially with Squall already in the main cast!

He joins fellow newcomers:


Kain Highwind



And last but not least, Tifa Lockhart


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