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Final Fantasy XIV: Free to Play Indefinitely!

The CEO of Square Enix announced that until they can “provide customers with quality service”, MMO Final Fantasy XIV will extend the free trial period for its players. The game was released months ago, offering all players one month of free service when they sign up, but due to the complaints from customers and quality of service, Square offered players another free month of service as an apology and again when the game still seemed to be making the fans either unhappy or just quit playing altogether. In a hope to remedy this, the whole team in charge of Final Fantasy XIV was said to be completely re-constructed in hopes to improve the game. [i.e: everyone before has been sacked and a new team will be created to try and fix things.]

Incidentally, they also announced that the port for the PS3 version of the game will have to be delayed past its initial release date of March 2011

Link to articles for more info here and here


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