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Fate/ZERO To Become An Anime

The prequel of visual novel/anime and recent movie of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero was officially announced to be getting an animated adaptation today on ANN. The story is going to be based on the novels where, in terms of the Fate/Stay Night continuity, takes place during the Holy Grail War before the main events of the original story, 10 years prior. Meaning we’ll be seeing the war where Emiya Shirou’s adoptive father, Emiya Kiritsugu as well as villain of the original story, Kotimine Kiri fought before. Servants Saber and Gilgamesh will no doubt be making their presence known yet again, as they are the only two servants from the original series who fought in the previous Holy Grail War. Since this will be a different war, we’ll be seeing brand new heroes summoned in the war to take the places of the original Rider, Assassin, Lancer, Caster and Berserker.

Ufotable is slated to animate the feature, the ones who DIDN’T animate the Unlimited Blade Works movie [that was Studio DEEN] which didn’t look half bad actually [aside from the dolphins]. But Ufotable were the ones who animated the seven [soon to be eight!] Kara no Kyokai movies, which was animated beautifully [and the reason why I want a blu-ray player]. The director of the movies are to be involved in Fate/Zero.


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