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FFXIII International Released in Japan…and Nobody Cares

The Xbox 360/International version of the game Final Fantasy XIII was released last week and despite a reduced price and loads of extras included with the game, including the option to change the spoken language settings, extra scenes and even a much needed after-story[for the collectors edition], the game failed to make the top 20 in sales of that week.


One perplexing thing that should also be mentioned is that the game was even given the game a brand new “easy mode”, assuming that it’s for new players to the series. However since this Final Fantasy was not only the most unique [and to most people, NOT in a good way] Final Fantasy out of them all, any gamers who start playing Final Fantasy games with XIII will either have an eternal hatred for series, or will think that every other Final Fantasy made prior to XIII is the best game ever.

The 20th most sold game of last week in Japan was Mario Kart Wii at around 22,600 units. Meaning that Final Fantasy XIII didn’t even sell that much after it’s debut. It’s most likely due to the fact that with the original fan reaction that the game had before combined with the poor sales the Xbox 360 usually has in Japan in the first place.


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