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Heihachi Mishima Dyes His Hair For Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This new picture shows Heihachi Mishima after discovering the wonders of ‘Just For Men’ haircare products work. The new trailer for the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was seen earlier today showing Heihachi with black hair, a color he hasn’t been acquainted with since 1995! The reason for this isn’t really known, but since this is the first Tekken Tag since the PS2 era, more people are going to be amazed at how menacingly good he and everyone else looks in the trailer here.

Another thing to note is the appearance of this character. Obviously a Luchador, in the trailer she shows to have compatibility to both the King and Armor King characters, her name and story right now are still unknown at this time. And with games with characters like DOA’s La Mariposa, SSF4’s El Fuetre, it looks like it’s Tekken’s turn to add a Luchador to it’s fighting roster.


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