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Dead or Alive Dimensions: New Trailer and Details

A new trailer for Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS was posted on Youtube yesterday, showing game play and the uses of the 3D features that will be available for this 3DS launch title. From the looks of what was shown, the bottom screen will have each character’s move list where you can glance down and see how to perform each move, OR [and this maybe what most people will ultimately end up doing] using your stylus and tapping on the move you want, your character will automatically perform that move for you without fail. [So once again, the Izuna Drop can be easily performed by even newcomers to the series, something we haven’t really seen since DOA3].

The story of Dead or Alive Dimensions [I guess DOAD would be the right way to shorten it] seems to be the same story from ALL of the past DOA games. In Chronicle mode, you not only have a tutorial to learn how to play the game on the 3DS, but you play through all of the characters’ key moments in each past DOA game. So the game is like what the Dead or Alive: Ultimate series was like, only now instead it all on a hand held system. It seems a little lazy, but one plus though is that it looks like the scenes from the first DOA will finally have updated graphics. Another think to add is that there are rumors that there will be scenes never before revealed in any of the games that might fill in some of the plot holes shed some light on the gray areas in DOA’s story.

The use of the easy command stylus mode as well as starting the story from the very first game and going all the way until the last will bust the market wide open for newcomers to the series to jump in while keeping the veteran fans interested enough to give the game a try so they could FINALLY have a new DOA game to play while also having some new story content to see as well.

Dead or Alive Dimensions is scheduled to be a launch title for the 3DS in March, but fans of the series know that when it comes to the Dead or Alive games, they have a habit of getting delayed for weeks to months at a time. DOA3 was released a few weeks after the original Xbox debuted in 2001, DOA:Ultimate was several months delayed before it was released and DOA 4 was delayed almost a full month after the Xbox 360 was scheduled to come out in Nov. of 2005. So we’ll see if DOAD will actually be available when the 3DS goes on sale.


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