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Project Nailbat’s Top 10 of 2010

With all of the Game of the Years [mostly] out of the way now, I figured I pick MY favorite games of 2010. I wanted to put this up a while ago, but I realized that there weren’t even 10 games that I bought, or even played in the last year. I had to think real hard, run out to a couple of people’s houses just to try out a game for a good hour or two before I could really get a feel for it and give it an actual chance for consideration, but needless to say, several games aren’t going to be included. It’s not cause i didn’t think it was worthy, it’s just because I haven’t played them.

So as a brief intermission, here’s my Top 10 Games of 2010:

#1: Mass Effect 2

  • Loved it because: Great Characters, Nice Story, Choices mattered from the first game, essentially changing the entire game as you played from Mass Effect 1
  • Anything I didn’t like?: Heat packs I guess…but even that wasn’t so bad after I got used to it. I personally am not a big fan of shooting games [1st or 3rd person], but there was so much of the RPG element and an amazing cast of characters that I didn’t even care that it was a shooter!

#2: Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

[inb4 ANY comments about pro-wrestling and how lame, dumb, stupid, and/or terrible it is]

Loved it because: Great improvements over last year’s game. Universe move was an excellent addition and keeps players going back to it just to play exhibition matches over and over again.

Why it wasn’t #1: The game does feel a little sloppy and unfinished at times. Online game play is still pretty terrible like the previous game, but DLC and community creations are still for the most part problem free.

#3: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

  • Loved it because: great characters, interesting game play mechanics and pretty entertaining story mode. A year ago I couldn’t really get into the series since it felt too complex, but after the tutorial mode [which is perfect for newcomers to the game] and playing Taokaka’s story line, I became a fan overnight.
  • Why it wasn’t #1: easy to learn, but difficult to master, no matter how much I try, I couldn’t seem to get better than a certain level. It’s a game where if you don’t take it seriously enough, it beats the living hell out of you worse than SNK boss characters!

#4: Super Street Fighter IV

  • Loved it because: MAJOR roster upgrade [balance and numbers wise] from the original. In fact, most consider the old Street Fighter IV to be an obsolete game now because of these improvements. Online play has even improved as well.
  • Why it wasn’t #1: I don’t actually own this game, so I haven’t had enough time to get used to it, but if I had to give a reason other than that it would be that the game needs a profile system that saves button configurations. Playing with a bunch of friends at the same house who each need to change the button layout before every match gets frustrating!

#5: Monopoly Streets

  • Loved it because: It’s still the same old monopoly, but with an upgraded feel. Graphics are actually pretty nice to look at and watching houses and hotels pop up was a lot of fun, great multiplayer game!
  • Why it’s not #1: it’s still the same old monopoly, which means it takes FOREVER to finish ONE game and odds are 6 to 1 that you WILL hate whoever you’re playing with once it’s over.

#6: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Loved it because: Very nice graphics and pretty good story that kept me hooked till the end. Characters were lovable [Yes, even Snow and Hope grew to be tolerable after a certain point in the game in my opinion] and had pretty good development.
  • Hated it because: Game play was pretty crap for a Final Fantasy game and the ending of otherwise good story was crap as well! Most players don’t consider the game to get to be fun until nearly 30 hours into the game, and by that point you’re more than 3/4 of the way finished with it all.

#7: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

  • Awesome beat em up that gets tougher AND better with the more people you play with. It’s almost like an homage to several classic old-school video games that many gamers who, like the title hero, can remember.[side note: watch the movie and read the comic! You’ll want to afterward!]
  • Why it wasn’t #1: playing alone doesn’t give the same experience, and loses its longevity to play.

#8: Bayonetta

  • Loved it because: Totally unexpected. I thought it was going to be a meh game at best, but the game play, style and presentation was really, really good! The music was great and the boss fights were phenomenal, especially Bayonetta’s final battle with Jeanne!
  • Why it wasn’t #1: It’s just not really my type of genre, If I were really into these types of games, it could easily be number one, I even played through the whole game twice, AND on the harder setting, but there were just other games I liked better. It felt more like a rental at best since the first time I finished the game took about less than 4 days to finish, but it’s still well worth playing!

#9: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

  • Why I loved it: nice roster of characters and cool moves, really impressive for a  fighting game for the Wii! Fighting games like this are usually over the top with things like that in the first place but it felt like TvC went even beyond that! Ryu’s Kamehameha Shinku-Hadouken looks just as crazy as it did since the Marvel vs Capcom days
  • Why it wasn’t #1: Unfortunately I don’t know much more about Tatsunoko beyond Karas and G-Force [ or Battle of the Planets]…wait, NO KEN MASTERS?! But then what am I supposed to do when the round begins?!

#10: Pokemon Soul Silver

  • Why I loved it: Same old Pokemon, upgrades make the game look pretty. Nostalgia WILL hit you if you one of the ones who played the original for the Game Boy Color over ten years ago!
  • Why it wasn’t #1: Still the same old Pokemon. After a while, unless you have other people to play with and keep you motivated, it’s just not fun anymore.

Honorable Mentions:

Red Dead Redemption: I played about two hours of it, but those two hours I played were only the Undead Nightmare and I had almost no clue as to what was really going on. The game played alright to me, but I had no real sense of connection for it.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn: The initial cute factor of a game who’s graphics resembled sentient clumps of yarn was great for the first hour or so, but it wears off after that. Once you beat the game, the only thing left aside from levels you skip are purely aesthetic collections which add nothing else to the game play other than a goal for people who MUST collect everything in every game that they play.

Mass Effect 2 DLC [Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi: Stolen Memory]: Since I mentioned Undead Nightmare, I feel like I should mention these game add-ons. Kasumi: Stolen Memory was a nice side story roughly an hour to an hour and a half long involving a new side character, a master thief named Kasumi Goto. $5 for a one hour game seems like a decent trade off to me, I just wish there was more content because Kasumi seemed like a great character, but here’s hoping that Mass Effect 3 will have a bigger role for her.

Lair of the Shadow Broker was amazing! Liara T’Soni teams up with you once again to take on the infamous Shadow Broker, who you’ve heard of since the first Mass Effect. It took me about three to four and a half hours to complete and for $10, it was completely worth it! Both stories were really well written and made me want to start a brand new game just so I can replay those missions over again!


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