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Today, IGN posted some rather interesting(?) news this morning. It seems that a domain name was registered recently by Square Enix…a domain called [].

While many people would have mixed feelings about this, there is the possibility that this could just be a rumor and doesn’t neccisarily mean that this will come true. However after thinking about it, FFXIII had mixed reviews [mostly bad as far as some people are concerned] but maybe another game would make some up for the first game’s mistakes…as long as they DON’T repeat the same mistakes as the first one.

For those of you who DID finish the game, this section is mainly for you, I for one hated the fact that the game seemed to just end. It was like, “yay, we won…and then [spoiler] and [spoiler] [spoiler]ed so that [spoiler] didn’t [spoiler]….[spoiler]” and that was it. There was no closure. So a new game would be good to give us some of that without looking to buy the International Version that no one in Japan seemed to care about.

Other problems that the game did have was that the game was like a really, really long tunnel with awesome music and art that looked pretty, after 20 or so hours, it was going to get old. Final Fantasy X-2 was very different from X [again, for the wrong reasons according to most people] but it was still really enjoyable! So maybe if they changed the gameplay a little and gave the players more freedom that didn’t remind them of waiting in a line at an amusement park, Square can redeem themselves with their fanbase.

[As long as it’s NOT like this!!]

Again we need to remember that these are rumors, so there’s a chance that a domain registered with the name [] [going to the like results in a blank screen] might not mean anything at all. Especially since Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still nothing short of an enigma as to when it’s coming out and to be frank, some people would rather see a Kingdom Hearts III from Square Enix rather than a Final Fantasy XIII-2 or even Versus XIII at this point.


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