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Kara no Kyokai Coming to Theaters…In America!

California gets all of the cool anime movie theater releases! It’s not fair!!

ANN posted that an announcement was made by the Aniplex of America, stating that there will be a public viewing of Kara no Kyokai at VIZ cinema in San Fransisco, CA on February 5th. The first, second and seventh (finale) movies are scheduled to be viewed just days before the American Box set release of all eight movies on February 8th. All three of the movies will be in their original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles like the blu-ray releases. As of now there are still no word as to whether or not an english dub track is planned for the future.

The eighth movie included in this box set is the never before seen epilogue that will be released with the box set and will set Type-Moon fans back roughly $400! Click here if you want more information about the theater showing in California so that you can experience something phenomenal.


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