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Final Fantasy Explosion!

With the Square Enix conferences last night a number of games, trailers and announcements were made and the bulk of them were all about Final Fantasy one way or another.

After the leak heard around the world about Square Enix registering a domain name for a new website almost a week ago, Final Fantasy XIII-2 was officially confirmed and a very, VERY brief trailer was shown with Lightning clad in armor fighting with another armor clad warrior.

We finally have a game play trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is looking like it runs off of an engine based off of the Kingdom Hearts games. [If you’re still waiting for a game to get on the PS3, this looks like it’s going to be that game].

Final Fantasy Agito XIII is now renamed as Final Fantasy Type-0, and we now have a trailer for that as well [the one that I found was out of sync with the sound, but if you’re patient you can find a better quality trailer on it’s official site on the 27th of this month] and it seems to play a lot like Crisis Core.

A new trailer came out for Dissidia 012 involving the full(?) cast of characters that are now in the game. (Though at the very end, there was a certain flower girl who made a quick appearance, so Square Enix may yet be done announcing more characters for this game).

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistanceĀ  for the 3DS had a trailer released as well. It’s really hard to speculate what this game is about since it starts off with Sora and Riku when they were older and then cuts to scenes where they first began their adventure in Traverse Town fighting heartless, Ansem and then Xemnas.

Many of these games are due out before the end of 2011, meaning that this will be a good year to be a Final Fantasy fan.


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