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Metroids? In MY DOA?

In the upcoming game, Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS, It’s been confirmed from a video posted today that there will be a stage based on the Metroid games. This idea more than likely came about after Tecmo worked with Nintendo to release the latest Metroid game, Metroid Other M.

The level looks pretty rad, there is a stage suspended over lava where Ridley flies around the stage periodically shooting fireballs at both of the fighters on the platform and if either one of the fighters so much as falls from the stage…well, you can see what happens here.

We’ve seen a collaboration like this happen before in the Dead or Alive franchise. Back when Dead or Alive 4 was released, players with Halo 2 save data could unlock Spartan-458, a spartan warrior who wasn’t Master Chief, but wore the same armor, as well as a hidden stage, the Nassau/Cario Space Station. So who’s to say that Samus Aran won’t be a playable character in the 3DS game as well?


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