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Some Mag-F@cking-Neto News

More pics from X-Men: First Class have surfaced, now introducing the ‘new’ Magneto. I’m not gonna lie…the helmet looks pretty dumb, but maybe it’s because it just stands out SOOOO much from the uniform that he and every other X-man has to wear. It’s also not even the right colors, comics or movie-wise. But this it all before Xavier and Magneto part ways anyway, so I guess this look does makes sense.

In other news, yesterday morning it was announced who was cast as who in the next sequel of The Goddamned Batman series directed by Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Rises is going to have (in case you haven’t heard by some miracle by now) Catwoman and Bane! The roles of Catwoman and Bane will be played by Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy respectively (thank god! Tom Hardy as Catwoman would make this movie unwatchable!)

This…could work…

Maybe this wasn’t the best comparison of Bane to make with the actor cause I’m pretty sure any real person who looks like Arkham Asylum Bane needs SOME sort of medical attention

Either way, while I think that this is a strange combination of villains (if you consider Catwoman to really be a villain…she kinda flips back and forth), I’m overly excited to see how both of will be played out in the movie.

edit: G4TV has more pics up on there website here. One of which includes the young Charles Xavier using his psychic powers very enthusiastically.


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