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The Following Is NOT Going to Happen

This has been a day of news where some clarifications, speculations and rumors have been cleared up. Some may be good news while some may be disappointing

Speculation: Metroid and DOA

One of the latest trailers of Dead or Alive: Dimensions showcased a Metroid level with Ridley flying about in the background. Don’t worry, that part is true, but it was confirmed that Samus will NOT be a playable character. She is still rumored to appear in the game to help the player in the game.

Rumor: There is going to be two more Matrix movies

As of now, this is entirely false. There was a rumor going around that Keanu Reeves spoke at The London School of Performing Arts University revealing that a fourth and fifth Matrix movie was going to be made. However reported that they heard from the Senior Administrator of the school officially saying that the story is completely false.

Clarification: Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be out this by winter 2011

I posted earlier that a the remaining titles left to come out for Tetsuya Nomura’s Fabula Nova Crystallis will ALL be out by the end of 2011 (in Japan)…well I was wrong. In a recent interview, Nomura said that he and his team’s main focus for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the quality of the game and to get the desired results that they’re looking for, the game’s release won’t be until after next year. However, the other games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis line up are still scheduled to come out within the 2011 mark. (With Dissidia 012 as the first with a release date of March 22nd in the states)


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