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Sony Press Conference: Next Generation Portable

Many of us were expecting to hear the announcement of the PSP2, well…they did announce a new portable, but it’s not quite a PSP2.

It’s called Next Generation Portable (NGP) and it’s a device that prioritizes location based gaming. It’s said that it’s going to have the following:

  • 3g and Wifi,
  • Sixaxis controls
  • Front and Rear Cameras and Touch Pads
  • Built in microphone
  • 4X the resolution of the PSP
  • PS3 quality graphics
  • Flash memory based
  • Comes in the colors black, white, and silver

One major thing to take note of is the Near application that will be available for NGP. You can literally see who is playing what game, where your friends who have the NGP are presently located, see what’s the most popular game in the area, and even see rankings and trophies.

Several games are already said to be in development for the NGP, including  Hot Shots, Killzone, Hustle Kings,  Little Big Planet Wipeout, Uncharted, Resistance, Lost Planet 2, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. In addition, it was said that owners can buy PS1 and PSP titles via download from the Playstation Network.

“This game used the model data and environments from PS3, and it was exported directly to NGP” – Hideo Kojima on the Metal Gear Solid 4 tech demo for the NGP.

The NGP is reported to be due out by the end of this calendar year.


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