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Utawarerumono 2?!

ANN posted this morning that Aquaplus has plans for six new game titles in the works, one of which is going to be a sequel to the game UnderwaterRayRomano Utawarerumono! The new game is supposed to take place in the same setting as the first game and will have the same artwork and direction as the first. Utawarerumono is a story about a masked man who was saved by a village elder and her grandchildren after he lost all of his memories. Through a series of events, the masked man Hakuro raises an army to rebel against the village’s oppressors as his way of thanks. An anime adaptation was released back in 2006 as well as an OVA in 2009. The game plays as a turn based strategy game similar to Disgaea and Front Mission.

The other games that Aquaplus is working on are Tears to Tiara 2, Jasmine, Aquapazza, ToHeart DX Plus and ToHeart: Dungeon Travelers.


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