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Toradora! OVA!

Last night, Sankaku Complex announced that the anime, Toradora! was going to be getting not only a new blu-ray box set sometime in the not-too-distant future, but a brand new OVA. The OVA is a continuation of the story, however fan are speculating what the OVA will have, especially with one of the possible endings you get with the PSP visual novel release of the game.

Toradora! is based off of a light novel about a couple of students, each known for having a bad reputation in school, who starts off on bad terms with one another until they come to learn that each one of them is in love with the other’s best friend. So they make a deal to try to set each other up with their respective crush in anyway they can and with comedic results.

It’s a hilarious romantic comedy and you can actually find the first few episodes available on ANN for free. I highly recommend giving this show a chance so when the OVA comes out, you’ll be ready. The show originally came out back in 2008, but NIS had gotten the license to the show for an American release just last year.


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