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Fans Need to Scream for More Darkstalkers!

In a recent interview with IGN, the producer of Super Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono discused with the return of Street Fighter being as sucsessful as it was because of the fans, a new Darkstalkers game is possible with some support from the fans.

“At Comic-Con last year I brought it up at the panel discussion and virtually [everyone in the] entire auditorium raised their hands when asked if they were interested. I took that information back to the company. I’ve been lobbying for it ever since…” Ono said when he spoke with IGN. He goes on to mention that he has run into similar problems such as this before, the game he was trying to get made at the time was in fact Street Fighter IV.

“…if I can show there’s enough interest, maybe something will happen.” Ono tells IGN.

If it’s true that enough fan buzz will get a new Darkstalkers game into development, then help Ono by voicing your demands loud enough for Capcom to realize what the fans truly want.Ā  Maybe Ono and fansof the classic game can take a page from Arc System’s book and put together a petition for Capcom to see!

The last Darkstalkers game to be released was a port of the first two games on the PSP, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower back in 2005, but the last chronological release we’ve seen from the series was all the way back in 1997!


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