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Super Bowl Movie Madness

The Super Bowl was last night and while all of the buzz was either on The Black Eyed Peas (meh at best) performance or Green Bay’s victory over the Steelers (again I say meh, but that’s because I already knew who was going to win due to an advanced computer simulation that was ran nearly a week beforehand) But people are forgetting what 51% percent of the people watch the Super Bowl for, the commercials!

While most of the commercials were good and hilarious, we can’t ignore the public debut (meaning you no longer have to sift through tedious searches on the internet) of both the Thor and Captain America movies. Thor comes out in theaters on May 6th while Captain America: The First Avenger opens on July 22nd. Both trailers lasted about thirty seconds, yet still managed to turn the heads of every person in the room the moment they appeared on the TV screen! The Captain America trailer showed young Steve Rogers (Chris Evans: formerly known as the Human Torch) getting the Super Soldier serum, going from twiggy and meek at around 5’6” to muscular and well over 6′ tall. The Thor trailer had a hammer and lots of lightning and explosions (not that it’s a bad thing, mind you!)

Speaking of explosions, other movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl were Transformers: Dark of the Moon (showing who was likely Megan Fox’s replacement in the movie), 5Fast 5Furious, Fast Five, the next sequel to The Fast and The Furious, Cowboys & Aliens (more than likely the events that took place after Alien vs Ninja), and the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (opening May 20th!)

While I am aware that out of all of these movies the only original idea was Cowboys & Aliens, the two Marvel movies and the new Pirates look really amazing. Follow the links above to see all of the trailers (especially the Pirates trailer. Didn’t think there could ever be a movie with both mermaids AND zombies!)


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