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Dissidia 012 Box Art(?) and Other News

This box art is pretty intruiging. This picture was floating around the internet which raises some questions about the story for the next Dissidia game.

As you can see, it looks like some of the characters jumped sides! Cloud, Terra and Tidus are all featured on Chaos’ side while Jecht and Kain are on Cosmos’ side. It was hinted a little bit that some members of the Chaos side were wondering if they were on the right side in the first game and Cecil’s did feel some way about fighting Golbez (for reasons I don’t wanna quite spoil), but did Cloud, Terra and Tidus really jump over to Chaos’ side! This could make for an incredibly interesting turn of events!

For those who did know: Cosmos = Good Guys…Chaos = Bad Guys

I’m also calling it right now, Lightning and Cloud are gonna be rivals! It’d be epic if that were to actually be canonical in the story! Yeah, more people would probably want to see Cloud vs Squall, but let’s face it, Lighting is better. She’s more well adjusted, she gets more sh!t done and has a cooler gunblade than Squall does. Lightning would make a better opponent for Cloud, especially since Lightning is practically a clone of Cloud anyway according to some people.

Some more news that you might have already knew, but in case you didn’t, there’s talk about having DLC for Dissidia 012. Yes, downloadable content for a PSP game! Most of these are mainly for aesthetic value, but still look damn awesome. Remember back when I not-very-subtlely said that Aerith Gainsborough was going to be in Dissidia 012, well I was only half right. Aerith is a DLC “assist” character you could get if you bought the demo, Dissidia 012 Prolougs Final Fantasy. So not a full character, but she still appears in game.

Buy the special edition of Dissidia 012 and you get a bonus outfit for Tifa (which is NICE cause it combines two of my favorite things, Tifa and the color red!).

Buy Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix and you get Cloud’s first Kingdom Hearts costume.

Buy The 3rd Birthday and you get Aya Brea’s costume for Lightning.

And finally, Prishe from FFXI has also been confirmed as a playable character, while Gilgamesh from FFV is rumored to be in the game too, but more details will be released about that soon.


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