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The 3rd Birthday Trailer

Aya Brea’s new adventure, The 3rd Birthday, has a new trailer out. The trailer shows several clips of game play as well as some scenes from the game’s story. In case some of you are wondering why this girl looks familiar, it’s because she’s currently the side banner for the website. (Oh…and she was the main protagonist in the Parasite Eve games, I guess)

Unfortunately, I don’t personally know the story of this new game or it’s predecessors, but if you go to The 3rd Birthday’s website, you should be informed relatively quick. Here’s the Parasite Eve wiki to know what happened in the earlier games too if you’re interested.

Click here to see the brand new trailer. The 3rd Birthday is scheduled to hit stores on March 29th and it’s only for the PSP. Maybe, despite it only being for the PSP, this game will do what Crisis Core did for Final Fantasy VII for the Parasite Eve games.


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