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School Days is Back Like You’d Never Believe!

She looks so…happy(?) about this. May God help us if this turns out to be an April Fools joke

Epic news was made a few hours ago, possibly one of the most epic events to happen in the year 2011! In an ultimate team up that’ll make even Marvel comics pee their pants, JAST USA, Overflow, and Sekai Project are joining forces to bring the visual novel, School Days HQ to America, completely uncensored, high quality, and in English!

Earlier last year, School Days HQ came out in Japan, which was an updated version of the original game, which was buggy and went out of sync at times. School Days HQ was made with the engine that it’s sequel, Cross Days, which ran at least 10 times smoother. The franchise has never set foot outside of japan (except for the anime, which if you’ve seen, then you’d understand why this is big news!) School Days is probably known for it’s main protagonist, Makoto Itou, becoming such a professional man/man-whore, it’s happy beginnings slowly going towards it gruesome and violent endings, and of course ”Nice Boat”. It’s the closest an anime fan will get to watching a devious little soap opera and enjoy it!

A reason why this is big news was that the Sekai Project is a group of fan translators who’ve been working for years trying to translate and complete the game for fans who wanted to play the game in America but couldn’t understand Japanese. So it’s amazing that Overflow decided, rather than throwing a fit at what Sekai Project was trying to do and order a Cease and Desists,  to partner up with them and JAST USA and bring School Days HQ to the USA.

If you’ve never seen the School Days anime, watch it! Seriously, it’s worth at least one watch through and you won’t be disappointed. For more info on the story of School Days, the Sekai Project website has a great synopsis of it all. There’s no news yet as to exactly when the game is supposed to be out, but again, let’s hope this isn’t really an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Cause if so, there’s a good chance that there will be riots in the streets.

Sources: ANN, Sankaku Complex, Sekai Project, and JAST USA

Edited on 07/12/11: JAST USA recently tweeted that School Days is now scheduled for a release sometime in 2012 due to the current conditions in Japan.


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