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We’re Officially Going Con-Nichiwa 2011

Please excuse the lack of updates, but I assure you there is a good reason for it. On March 25th through the 27th, Project Nailbat will be making it’s first convention appearance since the start of the website at Con-nichiwa 2011 in Tuscon, AZ. So right now, everything is being focused on getting prepared for this convention. We will be there for at least two of the three days and we will be running a couple of panels as well, so if you live in the Tuscon area and/or are planning on attending the convention, please stop by and visit our panels, you’re in for a great time!

We’re in the process of fine tuning our panels for the convention to make sure everything will be perfect.

Know Your Internet Meme: Ever wonder how or probably more importantly, why some things on the internet are popular? Well now you can know why. We’ll go in depth into several internet songs, catch phrases and videos and explain to you just how they came to be. We’ve got nearly a complete list from “Bed Intruder” to “Vuvuzelas”.

Final Fantasy General Panel: Join us on our discussion about (almost) literally all things Final Fantasy. We’ll go through all of Final Fantasy I-XIII (cause XIV is the one that NONE of us here play), as well as a few of their spin-offs and engage the audience to gather opinions as to which characters were the biggest bad asses, which villain was the most maniacal, and which Final Fantasies were the best (and possibly the worst).

Okaku Jeopardy: We’ve redesigned our Anime Jeopardy panel to give you Otaku Jeopardy from Saboten Con 2010. It’s bigger! It’s better! And it’s back like never before! (well…okay, we’ve added a few more questions and the topics now span video games and music as well…resulting in a name change since it wasn’t JUST anime anymore). Come to this panel and challenge other players to compete for prizes!

King of the Otakus: Finally, our brand new game making it’s debut in Con-nichiwa. Players compete to see just who is the top dog. Compete to see who’s more knowledgable in the Otaku arts. Only one will be worthy of the title, “King”. Inspired by the Scene-It DVD board game, players race to the finish to see who is The King of the Otakus.

So those are our panels. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully we’ll be seeing you there in the next couple weeks at Con-Nichiwa.


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