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Con-Nichiwa 2011 Results

This past weekend was Con-Nichiwa in Tuscon, AZ. Project Nailbat made it’s debut there and was a pretty big success. The panels we ran were great, and we even got a chance to help out with more than the panels we were just responsible for. Jeopardy and King of the Otakus were very interesting to say the least. We crowned our first ever King of the Otaku, and we even saw the return of our first ever Otaku Jeopardy Champion try his luck at our new game.

The next stop for Project Nailbat will be Wondercon in San Fransisco, CA this upcoming weekend. We won’t be running any panels there, but hopefully we’ll have some pictures and some nice stories and tales from this event, as well as spread the word about the almighty Nailbat site! We are in the process of finalizing our chance to appear at Phoenix Comicon to perform all of the panels we took part in at Con-nichiwa and hopefully even more.

Big thanks to Rice and Haggis for allowing us to be in the panels, The Dollars for the assist in a few of the panels we did, everyone else involved in the convention, and to all of the con goers who attended and had fun at our panels!


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