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Wondercon 2011 Results

We’re back (and late I know, but I needed some time to rest after the trip) from San Fransisco and going to Wondercon. For me personally, this was my first time ever going to California and I have to say that it was a great way to spend it.

Wondercon was amazing. We got to see a lot of announcements made, met and talked to a few writers for Marvel, and even joined SHIELD. We even got to see the premier of DC’s new animated movie, Green Lanturn: Emerald Knights.

We got to see trailers for two new projects involving Spider-Man. The first was the (work-in-progress) trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Series that’s going to be out by 2012 on Disney XD. From what we saw, if you actually watched Disney’s last Spider-Man cartoon, Spectacular Spider-Man, then you’re bound to be hooked to this show. It looks like it’ll do what Young Justice is doing for Teen Titans.

The second Spider-Man related announcement we heard (and by now you probably heard too) was the debut of the trailer for the new game, Spider-Man: Edge of Time. The panelists (including the voice actor of Amazing Spider-Man, Josh Keaton) went into detail about how you play between the two Spider-Men, Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099, and actions you do (or don’t do) in the Amazing Universe will impact the 2099 Universe.

Pics and other things will be up a little later.


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