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Guess who’s Driving the 2011 Toyota Corolla?

This is not a hoax made and apparently this is going to air or has already been aired on TV in the US. How Toyota managed to pull this off is beyond words! We’ll see if this commercial has any effect of the otaku community purchasing any new cars from Toyota in the near future.

At present, Otaku’s everywhere seem to have a 70-30 reaction to this commercial. 30% liking the fact that Miku is on their TVs and actually digging the comercial, while the other 70% has had reactions simmilar to the picture below…feeling like Miku is slowly turning into nothing more than an exploitable symbol that anyone can use to stimulate sales.

Unfortunately, on a slightly related topic, there’s still no word on when Vocaloid will be coming to the US since it was first announced that it may be made available states side.


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