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PSP Games + HD = PS3 Games!

Sony announced that they are going to choose select PSP games to port over to play for the PS3. The plan includes taking games like Monster Hunter 3 (confirmed to be one of the first games to be apart of this initiative) and giving them upgraded features such as HD graphics. Players can also transfer save data from their PSP to use on their PS3’s and back!

This is a big announcement, which is surely going to be supplemented with the upcoming E3 where more games are bound to be added to the list of PSP to PS3.

I personally have a PSP, but not a PS3, but if any of the following games were going to be added to this program, then I’d get one in a heartbeat, despite all of the attacks the PSN has been a victim of lately:

Dissidia 012

Prinny:Can I Really Be The Hero

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Yes I realize that literally every other game on this list is a Square Enix game, but let’s be honest, most people have a PSP mainly for their games anyway. I had gotten mine for Christmas one year, and I didn’t even start using it until I found out about Crisis Core.

So which games for PSP would you like to see be apart of this PS3 initiative?


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  1. divaluxury

    I like playing games!

    April 18, 2012 at 02:39

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