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Project Nailbat + PCC!

Project Nailbat is going to be at Phoenix Comicon this weekend! Come join us in the panels we have set up for everyone:


Final Fantasy General – Here we have a random discussion about all things Final Fantasy, what we love about the series, what we hate, what we want to see in future instalments, etc.

Saturday (otherwise known as “Game Day”):

Otaku Jeopardy: Back by popular demand (even though it technically never went anywhere, we really love putting this game on for everyone every chance we get) We’ve got Jeopardy, otaku style! This time we have brand new questions to test your knowledge and see if you know more than whatever random person we sit next to you in the room.

King of the Otakus: New and improved for maximum efficiency and fun. Join us as we see who is worthy to take the crown, (or just whatever prizes we have) home.


Mass Effect General: Here we talk all things Mass Effect, choices we made, outcomes and reactions to everyone’s playthrough and speculations about the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

We hope to see you all there!


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