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E3 ’11 Impressions Part 2

Okay, E3 is now over and I’ve had some time to stew over the rest of the things announced  that were pretty great, so let’s get right into it…After Sony’s 20 minute delay to start the press conference, they did have one announcement, (other than they were sorry for the recent attacks for the PSN) Sony’s Next Gen Portable (NGP) is now the Playstation Vita (PSV), and they showcased some more games that were going to be available for it later, but overall it’s presentation was just a bit more of what we saw at the press conference that Sony had a few months ago, plus they announced the price that the two models were going to cost. Wi-fi only will cost $250 and the Wi-fi/3G combo will cost $300. Sony’s actually matching the price for Nindento’s 3DS, which is something nice to see.

Nintendo’s press conference was full of so many games that it’s likely that many gamers’ faith in Nintendo has been restored. Aside from announcing it’s new system the Wii U, Many games for the 3DS made a debut appearance, such as Super Mario 3D, which is going to be like Super Mario 64 and be a full 3D Mario game for the system. Star Fox was showcased as well, and Nintendo announced that players are going to be able to physically turn the 3DS in their hands to control the game. Mario Kart will also be getting a 3DS game, and Luigi’s Mansion is finally getting a sequel. It’s enough to turn anyone who was skeptical about the 3DS into believers of the system.

Backtracking a bit to the Wii U, today a bit of confusion was finally cleared up. Before when Nintendo showed off the system, the screen below was what we saw the most, and with good reason because the controller of a new system is usually an important part of the demonstration, especially if it has it’s own screen where you can switch from either the tv to the living room with the system to the actual screen on the controler… however, some people were wondering if the controler itself was the actual system or not. Well turns out that it’s not. Nintendo finally released a screen shot of the new console earlier today…Not exactly stylish…actually it doesn’t really have any outstanding features, which is what Nintendo was aiming for.

“The console is not drastically different, and Wii U is about the controller. The console itself will be almost invisible.”  said Satoru Iwata in an interview with IGN.




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