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Good News and Potentially Bad News!

Good News: The first trailer for the new Berserk trilogy of movies has been released today. (I’m still gonna call it Berserk Ultimate) The three movies are going to be, like the original anime nearly 15 years ago, covering the Golden Age arc of the manga series, however in the span of three full length movies a whole lot more is bound to be covered than in the original anime adaptation.

Potentially Bad News: Apparently, the director of the movie Ichi the Killer, Takashi Miike is currently working on a live action movie of everyone’s beloved lawyer, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Why would they not only create a live action series when, with it’s zany humor and antics would probably make a more decent animation is beyond me, but there is always the chance that it could end up good. Ichi the Killer was pretty decent, so we’ll have to wait and see if this Capcom movie will be a hit like Resident Evil, or an abomination like Street Fighter


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