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FFXIII-2 Release Date Announced

Today, Square Enix announced the official release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Months ago they said that the game was slated for a 2012 release.  Well to keep from disappointing, Square Enix announced that the game will be released right away for January 2012.

Some more details that wasn’t covered yet about thie game on this site, include:

  • Lightning is dead (WTF?!) or missing, whatever…so instead of playing  as her, you play as her sister Serah (who mostly slept through the entire first game) and a new character called Noal.
  • You can collect Pokemon, I mean monsters to fight for or alongside you against other monsters.
  • Paradigm Shift along with most of FFXIII battle system is still present, but it does look like it was revamped up slightly.
  • There’s explorable areas and towns now, drastically reducing the amount of lineal game play, there’s also much more player choices to change the direction of the story and game play.
  • Active Time Events are now in cut scenes and some battle, giving you an edge while fighting enemies.
  • Atlas (that big ass monster you saw in Gran Pulse) is prevalent to the plot…in short, he’s pissed off at something and goes on destroying everything!

The game is looking more promising with all of these changes and additions. But whether or not it’ll outdo it’s predecessor remains to be seen. Take a look at the E3 preview of the game here.


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