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Mass Effect 3: Fans Get to Pick Default FemShep

Ever since the first Mass Effect game, We’ve always seen the default Commander John Shepard on all of the covers and in all of the trailers for each game. Well this time, through the power of Facebook, Bioware decided that it was time to have an ”official” default Commander Jane Shepard contest. (Even though they waited till the final(?) game in the series, but better late than never). If you go on Bioware’s official Mass Effect Facebook page, you can pick which Jane Shepard you like the best and the winner will be featured not only in the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3, but also in a new, upcoming trailer for the game as well.

So far this Shepard is the one that is currently winning (by a landslide no less!) with over 20,000 votes as opposed to the rest of the models with less than 9,000 votes each.

To vote on which Shepard you want to win, visit the Mass Effect Facebook page


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