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Tokyo Game Show 2011: DOA5 and FFXHD

Tokyo Game Show is here and some major announcements have been made. Some were long overdue while others came at a great surprise…

Dead or Alive 5

After six years of not having a new fighting game, (minus Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS), Tecmo and Team Ninja are finally giving us a brand new game! The trailer doesn’t really show what the series is mainly known for, but it does showcase a one on one fight with Hayate fighting Ryu Hayabusa in the midst of a skyscraper stage slowly being destroyed!

Final Fantasy X HD

You’d think that Square Enix would’ve done this a while ago, but well, we’re finally getting an HD remake of FFX, a game that is nearing it’s 10 year anniversary by the way. The game will be out for not only PS3, but for the PS Vita as well, but no one knows any more details about the game as of yet.


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