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Sentai Filmworks Motto: Disregard Currency, Aquire Licences

Sentai Filmworks lately have been getting their hands on several shows from Japan and bringing them over to the states. Over the summer they got the shows, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou, Samurai Girls, Angel Beats and even High School of the Dead! Well it looks like that they’re not planning to take it easy at all after the summer, already announcing several new licences that they had just gotten…and some of these shows aren’t even airing in Japan yet!

Show #1, Kamisama no Memo-chou (Heaven’s Memo Pad)Show #2: No.6Show #3: Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry)Show #4: Infinite Stratos Show #5: Persona 4 The Animation Sentai has been going on non-stop with these rapid acquisitions. I wonder what else they REALLY SHOULD get the rights to next…?

*edit* Never mind, apparently Funimation already took the rights for Steins;Gate


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