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Altus Holds Cosplay Contest…In America (…also Canada)

A few days ago, in the spirit of Halloween, Atlus started to hold a contest to see who in the US and Canada can dress up as their favorite character from any of their games. The contest is called Atlus-O-Weenie 2011 and is scheduled to go on from October17th to November 11th. People interested in the contest need only to dress up as an Atlus U.S.A/Index Digital Media Inc. publised game, upload a pic of yourself along with filling out the necessary forms and be at least 18 years of age.

There are several catogories where contestants could win in, each from a different game. In other words, there can be winners for dressing up as a character from Catherine, Persona and King of Fighters, as well as a random winner that will be chosen for a prize. In addition, there is also a grand prize chosen by the fans, a $300 Amazon gift card.

Some of the submitted costumes so far…(you can view the rest of the submissions on the contest site)

…And Finally, my top three favorite submissions so for the contest so far

Katherine from Catherine

Protagonist from Persona 4

^Really hope this one wins^

Margret from Persona 4


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