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Type-Moon’s Next Project…Fate/Apocrypha…Again…

Type-Moon has been a topic of interest lately, with the Fate/Zero anime still running strong as well as the U.S. release of Fate/Extra for the PSP. Now, it seems like there will be a new project involving their online game, Fate/Apocrypha through Type-Moon Ace on December 15th.

Fate/Apocrypha was scheduled to be an online game based on the Holy Grail War that takes place in the Fate/Stay Night continuity, however it was never released. Some rumors say that it had been outright canceled, but the news that will come on December 15th will show whether the game will it make a return or if it’ll be another anime project.

The setting of most of the Fate story lines is during a war between seven magi in search for The Holy Grail, which will give the last person standing any wish that they desire. The magi fight by summoning Servants to do battle for them, each of which is a heroic spirit or someone who had brought about a great change in the world while they were alive. In short, it’s kind of like an Ultimate Showdown

Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night and it’s many other works have a habit of taking some of history’s fabled figures and heroes and through some magic, turn them into the opposite gender. (Well…mainly it’s been turning men into women) Here are some of the following who have been Rule 63’d by Type-Moon. WARNING: these images are SPOILERS to each of their respective games/anime.

Fate/Stay Night’s Saber: King Arthur

Fate/Extra’s Rider: Francis Drake

and last but not least…Fate/Apocrypha’s Assassin: Jack the Ripper

Source: ANN and Ota-News


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