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First Post of the (Chinese) New Year!

Happy (Chinese) New Year Everyone from Project Nailbat! It’s been a while since I posted on here, but I’m here now and I’m going to make my first post of the (Chinese) New Year especially since I’ve yet to make a new post since 2012 has started, so I figure that posting on the first day of the Chinese New Year can kinda make up for that. (Not exactly a good way to start off trying to achieve my New Years Resolution in doubling the amount of posts I made last year I know, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to get that goal!)

Next week, there are two major games coming out. One is Soul Calibur V for Xbox 360 and PS3. IGN just recently had a live streaming demo of the game showing off the arcade and versus modes as well as mechanics like the Critical Edge that replaced the Critical Finish moves that you could do in Soul Calibur IV.

The other major game set to be released next week is Final Fantasy XIII-2. One year ago, Square Enix announced that the game was in development and in one week it’ll finally be here. The game is already shown to be a lot more than just a story with incredibly linear gameplay since there are actually towns to go exploring through. The demo had recently been released and in just 8 days, the full game will be available. From what we saw in the demo, you can now switch between the characters in the party to be your leader, as well as collect pokemon monster souls and have them fight alongside with you. Also, there are moments in certain fights where you enter Active Time Events for extra damage, this game is looking pretty good.


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