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Happy Mass Effect 3 Day [Part 1]

Happy Mass Effect 3 Day Part 1 everyone from Project Nailbat. What’s that? You don’t know what Mass Effect 3 Day Part 1 is? Well it’s a simple concept…today, February 14th, Bioware released the demo for the finale of the Mass Effect games, Mass Effect 3. This leaves gamers having to choose between either spending their day with their special someone, or to spend the day playing the highly anticipated game. This demo is comprised mostly of what was shown in most of the E3 videos Bioware unveiled nearly one year ago at the event. The whole ‘Part 1’ deal is another easy thing to get, the celebration for the game will continue in three weeks’ time, as the full game is scheduled to be released on March 6th, 2012. Henceforth, that day will be referred to as Mass Effect Day Part 2.

After playing the demo, I can say that I’m highly anticipating the full version of the game! It plays mostly like the second Mass Effect with maybe one or two added/tweaked features like the run and jump over pitfalls and the Onmi-Tool blade. But watching the Reapers attack Earth as I was trying to get to the Normandy and getting to play a level with Liara and Garrus on the same team again was tons of fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t get access to the multiplayer option on the demo since I needed a new copy of Battlefield 3 to play, but that option should be allowed for everyone who downloaded the demo and doesn’t have the game a little later on February 17th.

So if you haven’t tried out the game yet, it’s very much worth downloading the demo and taking a look. If you happen to have the code you get after creating Commander Shepard form the previous games, you can input your code and play with the same Shepard from your previous two games, otherwise you can either use the default Shepards available, or make a new one from scratch.  With this I wish you once again, a Happy Mass Effect 3 Day Part 1. See you in three weeks for Part 2 of Mass Effect 3 Day.


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