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Assassin’s Creed III or April Fools?

March begins tomorrow which means it’s one month away until April rolls around. Meaning that it’s not too surprising to start seeing false rumors about video game news coming to light (i.e. April Fools). Well Kotaku got their hands on an image showing what could really be Assassin’s Creed III.

If this image is truly accurate, then it looks like the next game is set to take place in North America where the US was in it’s infancy. BUT REMEMBER…video game April Fool’s jokes like to spring up like crazy up to a whole month before the actual day. So we’ll wait and see if Ubisoft or someone else will come forward and confirm whether or not this leak is true. Especially since Kotaku apparently got the image from “a tipster from Best Buy” according to Gamesradar and according to IGN, Ubisoft is scheduled to make an announcement this Monday.


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