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Come See Project Nailbat at Con-nichiwa 2012

Bad news! My computer has been busted for the past couple of days so I haven’t had much motivation to add any new posts to the site. (Especially one about just how wrong I was about the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III being an April Fool’s joke/a sham. It’s really happening and I’m excited!) Anyways, the screen’s busted and it’s hard to use without the use of another external monitor, but the good news is that I should be getting a new computer (since this one was pretty old anyway) relatively soon just in time for next weekend. Which brings me to…

Next weekend from March 23rd-March 25th, Con-nichiwa is going down at the Holiday Inn at Tuscon, AZ. Sure there are gonna be lots of special guests and people there like Kyle Herbert and Colleen Clinkenbeard at the convention, but what’s really cool about the convention is that Project Nailbat is going to be returning to run panels this year!

This year we’ve got: Otaku Jeopardy, King of the Otaku, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts General, Know Your Internet Meme, Casual vs. Hardcore, and Super Nailbat Party Blowout: Arcade Edition!

We’ve got panels all three days of the convention so if you read this blog and happen to live in the area of Tuscon, AZ (or if you really love us and/or have the money, you’d come here from where ever you are!) Come down to see us at Con-nichiwa 2012



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