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Con-nichiwa 2012 and Live Tweeting

Con-nichiwa is a mere few hours away! Right as I’m typing this, I’m getting ready to make the trip up and jump right it into our first panel, which is Final Fantasy General at 3:30pm in the Cortez/Balboa room. Come join us as we reminisce about all things Final Fantasy today and join us again tonight as I, Nailbat duke it out against fellow panelist, Matt-suda in our Casual vs. Hardcore panel at 11:00pm in the same room!

Also, to try something new, I’m going to attempt to post live twitter comments throughout the whole convention. So for everyone, (yes, all twelve of you) who reads the site AND uses twitter, you can see all my comments using @ProjectNailbat.

Hope to see everyone at Con-Nichiwa!



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