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Video Game Backlog: Top 5 Games I REALLY Need to Play/Get Back Into

For those of you who know me personally, one thing that you might hear me say a whole lot is “Aw damn, I’ve been meaning to play/get back into that game for so long…!” Well I just happen to get distracted a lot when it comes to finishing some things like games and anime (especially anime!) So I figured, since I don’t have a whole lot of posts for the week, I’ll make one about my gaming back log. So here listed are the top five games that I REALLY need to finish (and relatively soon)

Mass Effect 3 (Renegade Playthrough)

I don’t really want to turn this into a rant about the ending of Mass Effect, but in short, I thought it was an alright end. Forced, but alright…to be honest the whole game was pretty great, except the last five or so minutes. That being said, I need to revisit this game and play through the game with my Renegade Commander Shepard. I loved how everything came together in the end with my Paragon, but when I first started my second playthrough of Mass Effect with a Renegade, I tried to make a conscious effort to do everything as different as I could without costing Shepard to die. But considering all of the lucky breaks I got just for making some certain choices in my Paragon game, I’m pretty sure that my Renegade game is going to be at least three times as hard without making those same choices for my Renegade.

Kingdom Hearts (Re:Coded)

The last Kingdom Hearts game I need to play before I can say I’ve played them all. I’ve played all of the one released in NA since the series began…(goes on Wikipedia to search Kingdom Hearts) HOLY CRAP, 10 YEARS AGO!! Looking back on it, I remember playing that game when I was still like a freshman in High School, so I guess it does make sense, but wow. Anyway, just a bit under a year ago I had finally gotten my hands on Birth by Sleep and thought that the game was phenomenal, and a very close second to my favorite game in the entire series (next to Kingdom Hearts II). And with Dream Drop Distance coming soon for 3DS, I really need to get ready for by starting and finishing this game before it’s released in NA, especially since this is supposed to be the game that finally leads up into Kingdom Hearts III, (Whenever it’s supposed to begin development)

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (Third Case)

Last I played this game, I was about half-way through the third case, y’know the one with the characters with palindromes for names, (like Glen Elg and Lisa Basil). It’s been so long since I’ve played this game I just may have to start over from the beginning. I started playing all of the Ace Attorney games last year and something somehow must’ve distracted me from continuing the third game. (It was probably either Catherine or Mass Effect 2 DLC, but I don’t know…) But this is a game that I REALLY need to finish!

Infinite Undiscovery (4 Hours Into The Game)

I wanted to play this game when it first came out, but I didn’t get my hand on a copy until late last year.  I’m currently borrowing this game but it was all in bad timing because since I started to borrow the game, I got a 3DS with four games, played Mass Effect 3, and a slew of other events and such has happened that completely made me forget this game’s existence. From what I actually did play of the game (roughly 4 hours worth) the game is fun but it’s one of those games where I would only play solely for the story and only touch again after it’s been a long while and my memory of the plot starts to fade so that I can re-experience it.  Unfortunately, there’s way too many games I need to play before I can get back into this game.

Final Fantasy IX (Started: June, 2006)

This is probably the epitome of my unfinished gaming library. I started playing this game back in 2006 and hadn’t touched it since. I really had a lot of fun with it, but before I got too far on the second disk, I moved out of my house to go to college and since then I haven’t even put the game into my PS2. This is the only game of the main Final Fantasy series that was released for a Sony system that I’ve never finished. There was no real reason why I stopped playing the game It was a lot of fun, I was really digging the story, but if I had to put a reason to me never going back, it’s probably because I was overwhelmed by my being in college for the first time to even care about the game. Even now, it’s just sitting on my shelf, waiting for that one day that I actually feel like I have the desire to grab a PS1 memory card and start the game again. When will that be, who the hell knows?

Who knows when I’ll ever play these games again? Well, Mass Effect 3 is still fresh in my memory and still has many unexplored options to go through, so I’m technically not done with it yet. Kingdom Hearts isn’t too far off from releasing their next game and not to mention that when me and my group go out to conventions to hold discussions about games, Mass Effect and Kingdom Hearts are our two biggest topics, so those will take priority! I’m probably gonna start playing Phoenix Wright in whatever spare time I’ve got outside of work and the house by bringing my DS everywhere. But Infinite Undiscovery and FFIX is where it gets harder to know when I’ll finish. Because I know that once I’m done with the three top games, there’s going to be something that’ll be released and take my attention away from every other game I plan to finish one day. Such is the fate of all backlogged games.


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