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Mass Nintendo Update

Nintendo had a press event tonight giving a couple of announcements for the next upcoming releases. First off on the list is Nintendo announcing a compilation disk of fan’s favorite Kirby games commemorating the 20th anniversary of the series.

The 3DS is also set to be getting an update this Wednesday that’s going to allow you to customize the 3DS home layout.

And finally, for the 3DS, Nintendo is going to release New Super Mario Bros. 2 this August. So far we only have this one screen shot, but it’d be great if Nintendo decided to experiment with the multiplayer for the 3DS version of this game especially with how well the Wii version of the game’s multiplayer turned out to be. There could also maybe even something like a foot race mode where everyone rushes through the stages to get the fastest time on a level, kind of like how Super Mario 3D Land kept records on how fast you finished each level with the people you Streetpass with.

Edit: More images at IGN


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