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Free Anime on Xbox Live!

Earlier today, a new app was available for download on the Xbox Live marketplace that lets you watch free anime online from Manga Entertainment. That’s right, FREE anime! However, this is only exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members, but those who have it can stream over 20 different shows and movies onto their console and TV for free. Including Macross Plus, Chrono Crusade, Ghost in the Shell and Gurren Lagann.  The app states that new titles will be added weekly, which make this a great new alternative to watching anime.

The few downsides while using this app however is that there are random advertisements that seem to play at select intervals. Ironically while watching Gurren Lagaan, every single time it seemed to be right as something big was about to happen, kind of killing the immersion effect and bringing you out of the anime. Although free anime is hard to beat, now it’d be nice if other companies like Crunchyroll would follow suit…

UPDATE: I’m not 100% on this, but it looks like the Crackle app also has free anime available for streaming. It’s not entire series like Manga Entertainment has, just single episodes, however they have much newer titles like Oreimo, Star Driver, Madoka Magicka and even Fate/Zero!


2 responses

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  2. CatFish

    crunchyroll has anime not sure about it though hear its terrible crackle is great it has three ads in a 30 min video 1 before video starts one after opening and one randomly placed in the middle it has old and new series but not very many movies it has entire seasons moast it has the full anime some it only has certain seasons i am yet to see them all

    November 30, 2012 at 14:34

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