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Pre-E3 Warm-Up: Shots Fired by Nintendo!

E3 begins tomorrow at 9AM, but lots of sites and media outlets have been gearing themselves up for the expo by revealing their E3 hubs for all sorts of news that you can get live.

Some other companies have done things to generate buzz for E3. Square Enix released the first game play trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot as well as listing a launch date of March 3rd of next year. But Nintendo just finished having it’s Direct Broadcast revealing details about the Wii U’s hardware, as well their plans for implementing several new features for their new system.

One thing that made me laugh with joy and amusement was the Wii U Pro Controller. (Yes, that’s what it’s really called!) Not only does it look dangerously similar to an Xbox 360 Controller, but the fact that they call it that make it seem like Nintendo plans to try to lure back some of it’s fans that they lost in recent years due to their focus on casual gamers. Either that or it’s their answer to removing the Gamecube controller support and getting fans to buy more Nintendo peripherals. (Well played Nintendo…)

Some other things that was mentioned included an activity feed where you can update as you play a game, complete with Mii’s as your avatars, as well facial expressions you can use as well. Wii Wara Wara: which is like an expanded Mii Plaza which involves your Mii, other Miis on your system, friends of your Mii, and it can tell you what games everyone is playing or interested in. One other major thing that was mentioned was online competitive play, especially with games that aren’t even designed to be competitive. Think along the lines of SSX’s “multiplayer”, or like Super Mario 3D Land, where you can see how fast it took players you’ve StreetPass to beat certain levels and I think you’ll get the general idea.

E3 begins tomorrow, and I’m sure a plethora of updates and announcements will surely follow. I’ll do my best to update Project Nailbat as much as I can throughout the event.




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