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E3 Part 2: Ubisoft and EA

Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference was quite possibly the best yet. They opened up with Just Dance 3 and had a live performance from Flo Rida. (Trying not to be outdone by Usher). But everyone quickly forgot about that by the time Far Cry 3 trailer opened up.

They had a woman having sex (?) with the main character as some kind of ritual to open it up and soon after jumped right into game play. Lots of shooting, chopping enemies up with machetes, and even tigers set loose on anything that moved.

There was a teaser for an Avengers game, Avengers: Battle for Earth, that showed Venom fighting Wolverine, Spider-Man taking on Magneto. At the end, The Avengers appeared and the game was announced to be for the Wii U and Kinect. No gameplay was available unfortunately.

We then saw a live demo of Rayman Legends for the Wii U (Yes, they actually played the game on a working Wii U system with Wii U controler). The game will allow for up to five players, four normal Wiimotes or Xbox 360 Wii U Pro Controllers and one tablet controller.

We saw more of Assassin’s Creed III, including a new trailer as well as gameplay footage showing off the game. During the demo, they mentioned that the game’s story with the protagonist, Connor, is set to span over 30 years in just this one game. Connor switches sides between the Colonists and the British in the Revolution in search of Templars to assassinate making for one awesome story.

The most intriguing game that was at Ubisoft’s conference would have to be Watch Dogs. A game that takes place in a world where everything is connected through computer networks, from laptops and TVs to cars, household items, probably even the air. With the world like that, it makes it an extremely dangerous world if hackers are out on the loose, and you get to pay as one of those hackers.

The whole entire broadcast was even co-hosted by Youtube star Toby “Tobuscus” Turner! Known for his Literal trailers like the one below with Hitman: Absolution

Before that was the EA conference, which wasn’t anywhere near as good as Ubisoft save for a few places. Shooters like Crisys 3, a new Medal of Honor, Dead Space 3 and Battlefield 3 were all announced, but one of which was Need For Speed Most Wanted 2, which is not an open world racing game that you can join online and off just like Burnout (since it was made by Criterion, that’s no surprise) or Test Drive: Unlimited.

The other surprisingly was Sim City, where EA announced that they were going to have both a Facebook Sim City (all while taking shots at Zynga for their Farmville game) and a full blown new PC game!

Only one more conference is left today and that’s Sony’s. We’ll see what they have to offer a little later.


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