Anime and Video Game News Site/Convention Panel Group


Marcus Fenix Cosplay

X-men Anime Trailer

Dead Island Trailer

Morrigan Aensland Cosplay

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Release Party!

Balls of Steel…only $100

Dissidia 012 Box Art(?) and Other News

Dizzy Cosplay

Super Bowl Movie Madness

B.B. Hood Cosplay

Fans Need to Scream for More Darkstalkers!

Youtube Test Video: Watch It Until The End

Ninja vs Aliens!!!

Saeko Busujima Cosplay

Miranda Lawson Cosplay

Toradora! OVA!

Scanty and Kneesocks Cosplay

Heavy Rain Movie Details

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Back Online

Utawarerumono 2?!

Sony Press Conference: Next Generation Portable

Shonen Jump’s 100th Issue: Cross Epoch

Angry Birds Kinect Style

The Following Is NOT Going to Happen

Game of the Year Omnibus [Finale?]

Comics with Kanye

Epic Video Game Release Dates

Street Fighter IV: Kinect Style!

Some Mag-F@cking-Neto News

Gantz Live Action Movie in America

Update: FFXIII-2 and Dissidia 012

X-men: First Class Pics and Emma Frost Interview

Metroids? In MY DOA?

Final Fantasy Explosion!

Kara no Kyokai Coming to Theaters…In America!

Grand Theft Auto 4: CARMEGEDDON!!!


GTA Machinima: The Trashmaster

Dissidia 012 Roster Keeps Growing!

Baka Test OVA in Feburary!!

Dead or Alive Dimensions: New Trailer and Details

Project Nailbat’s Top 10 of 2010

Mass Effect Cosplay

Berserk: Ultimate?

Scan Your Waifu onto Your iPhone!

FMA Movie Dated

Kämpfer Season 2 Trailer Released

2010 Game Of the Year Omnibus [Part Two]

Pokemon Black and White Officially Dated

SoCal V Is Coming?!

Heihachi Mishima Dyes His Hair For Tekken Tag Tournament 2

FFXIII International Released in Japan…and Nobody Cares

Fate/ZERO To Become An Anime

It’s A [Cardboard] Gundam!!!

New Kämpfer Date Set!

Shira Oka: An American Made Visual Novel?

New Season: Seikon no Qwasar

2010 Game of the Year Omnibus [Part One]

Kara no Kyokai Collection Comes to America!

Final Fantasy XIV: Free to Play Indefinitely

Dissidia 012 Gets Laguna

SSX Reboot

BlazBlue: 360 FINALLY gets Valkenhayn…for $4.00

Tomb Raider Reboot

Pokemon Profile Picture Month

Which FF Do You Want to See Remade

Double Take: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie



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