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Long Overdue Update: A lot of stuff happened…

Been a while since I updated the site, been busy with a lot of stuff…(DOA5 released, editing videos, playing DOA5, getting a new capture device, going online in DOA5, watching anime, playing DOA5 with friends, catching up on movies that I’ve been meaning to see, playing DOA 5 by myself and all sorts of things…like playing DOA5) But I’m gonna hopefully rectify that right now with an update…before I go back and play Dead or Alive 5.

In case you’ve been ignoring the site for the past several weeks of just skipped over the entire first paragraph, Dead or Alive 5 is finally out and I’ve been playing the hell out of that game. In my opinion, it’s the best one in the series. Aside from the fickle net coding at times, the game is very solid. great visuals, tons of unlockables, better story (could still use work with some of the plot holes, but still better) and it makes the previous versions of Dead or Alive all but completely obsolete. I cannot get enough of this game!In collaboration news, I was a guest on ByteSizeGaming’s podcast last week. ByteSizeGaming for those who don’t know is a gaming news site ran by a friend of mine and he and the others over there were gracious enough to have me on their talk show. Check out the link here to watch the podcast and get some insight from a group of gamers about a variety of topics.

Keeping with the theme of Youtube theme; several videos were released on our Youtube channel. The videos we played were Tony Hawk HD, Worms 2: Armageddon, Dead or Alive 5 (surprise surprise),  as well as Mario Party 9. You can either watch each episode at our Youtube channel linked here, or you could watch them all here which I will put up as separate posts later.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Super 3D-HD REMIX Arcade Edition…Plus Alpha

Okay…most of those additions to the name ARE indeed fake, but people knew that when Street Fighter IV first came out in 2009, that there was going to be remakes of the game resulting in a long title. One year later we got Super Street Fighter IV and now we have Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I’m guessing we’re six months away from getting wither Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition EX, or it’s abbreviation… SSFIVAEEX.

However, more and more rumors are surfacing about an update to Marvel vs Capcom 3. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is rumored to be officially announced this weekend at San Diego Comic Con. The roster is believed to be increased from it’s 38 characters to a whopping 50 characters.

Some character addition speculations include from the Marvel side:

As for Capcom’s additions:

This IS speculation though and there’s a chance that some or none of these characters will even appear in the game, or even if this game will definitely be announced but we’ll find out more this weekend during Comic Con.

Other characters rumored (i.e. more I’ve seen rumored as I was typing this up)

Project Nailbat + PCC!

Project Nailbat is going to be at Phoenix Comicon this weekend! Come join us in the panels we have set up for everyone:


Final Fantasy General – Here we have a random discussion about all things Final Fantasy, what we love about the series, what we hate, what we want to see in future instalments, etc.

Saturday (otherwise known as “Game Day”):

Otaku Jeopardy: Back by popular demand (even though it technically never went anywhere, we really love putting this game on for everyone every chance we get) We’ve got Jeopardy, otaku style! This time we have brand new questions to test your knowledge and see if you know more than whatever random person we sit next to you in the room.

King of the Otakus: New and improved for maximum efficiency and fun. Join us as we see who is worthy to take the crown, (or just whatever prizes we have) home.


Mass Effect General: Here we talk all things Mass Effect, choices we made, outcomes and reactions to everyone’s playthrough and speculations about the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

We hope to see you all there!

Jill Valentine Cosplay, Resident Evil Movie, and DLC

Today, here’s a Jill Valentine cosplay taken from a Tumblr account (who regrettably since my last HDD faliure I can’t remember from which one exactly). I thought it be a fitting choice considering ealier this week, a new Resident Evil movie was announced for release on September 14, 2012, and just like the last one released (Resident Evil Afterlife) this new one will be in 3D as well.

Also, a new trailer was released for Jill Valentine as DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 earlier yesterday, as well as Shuma-Gorath (better known as big ball of tentacle ownage) but judging from the video, at least Jill doesn’t seem to be as ridiculously broken as her other Resident Evil counterparts

(note: opinions are subject to change after one time of getting my ass thoroughly destroyed by someone who learns to play as Jill Valentine, most likely through online.)

Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath will be out next week on March 15 for $7 each except for those who already bought the special edition of Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Those who did already received a redemption code for both characters to be unlocked on the day the DLC becomes available.

X-men Anime Trailer

Madhouse’s team up with Marvel to create several anime mini-series of superheroes continues in April with X-men. A trailer was recently released and looks really good! The whole trailer can be seen here.

Looks like Wolverine will be in this Madhouse production too, despite already having his own anime revolving around him on this current season. It’s still good though because to some people it just isn’t X-men without Wolverine!

The series is going to be 12 episodes long and apparently G4tv already has the licensing rights to it, as well as Madhouse’s previous anime featuring Marvel characters, Wolverine and Iron Man.

Super Bowl Movie Madness

The Super Bowl was last night and while all of the buzz was either on The Black Eyed Peas (meh at best) performance or Green Bay’s victory over the Steelers (again I say meh, but that’s because I already knew who was going to win due to an advanced computer simulation that was ran nearly a week beforehand) But people are forgetting what 51% percent of the people watch the Super Bowl for, the commercials!

While most of the commercials were good and hilarious, we can’t ignore the public debut (meaning you no longer have to sift through tedious searches on the internet) of both the Thor and Captain America movies. Thor comes out in theaters on May 6th while Captain America: The First Avenger opens on July 22nd. Both trailers lasted about thirty seconds, yet still managed to turn the heads of every person in the room the moment they appeared on the TV screen! The Captain America trailer showed young Steve Rogers (Chris Evans: formerly known as the Human Torch) getting the Super Soldier serum, going from twiggy and meek at around 5’6” to muscular and well over 6′ tall. The Thor trailer had a hammer and lots of lightning and explosions (not that it’s a bad thing, mind you!)

Speaking of explosions, other movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl were Transformers: Dark of the Moon (showing who was likely Megan Fox’s replacement in the movie), 5Fast 5Furious, Fast Five, the next sequel to The Fast and The Furious, Cowboys & Aliens (more than likely the events that took place after Alien vs Ninja), and the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (opening May 20th!)

While I am aware that out of all of these movies the only original idea was Cowboys & Aliens, the two Marvel movies and the new Pirates look really amazing. Follow the links above to see all of the trailers (especially the Pirates trailer. Didn’t think there could ever be a movie with both mermaids AND zombies!)

Shonen Jump’s 100th Issue: Cross Epoch

ANN today announced that for Shonen Jump‘s 100th issue will feature the special one shot from the collaborative efforts of One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda and Dragon Ball’s Akira Toriyama. The main characters of both stories are going to collide in this special one shot where everyone is racing to reach a certain destination (whether or not it’s either a race for the Dragon Balls or not is still a mystery).

The one shot was originally published to celebrate One Piece’s ten year anniversary and will be in Shonen Jump’s 100th issue.

Comics with Kanye

Kanye + Comics is a website that has a plethora of photos showcasing a ton of art showcasing various superheroes with lyrics to several of Kanye West songs. If you’re a Kanye West fan who can recognize the song lyrics and love comic books, then these images taken from the site will interest you.

If you want to see more, or if you even want to make and submit your own, then visit the Kanye + Comics site.

X-men: First Class Pics and Emma Frost Interview

This site really hasn’t been showing it’s comic fans a lot of love lately, so hopefully this will alieviate some of that “where’s the comic book news” (only not really cause it’s about a comic book ‘movie’) IGN recently posted a pic showing the cast of the new X-men movie due out this June, X-men: First Class.

IGN also had held an interview with January Jones who has recently been revealed to be cast as The White Queen, Emma Frost, who along with the rest of the Hellfire Club have been revealed to be the main villains of the movie. Other actors in the movie include Kevin Bacon and James McAvoy.